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After a stressful day, I adore Lavender Oil’s relaxing scent! It’s become my secret to a good night’s sleep.


Facialist & Skin Consultant

The Coconut Shea butter from Choice of Nature it has helped me heal and remove scars. It is a great for my skin and hydrates without leaving my skin feeling greasy


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I have been using olive oil for years to protect my hair from the blow dryer and flat irons. It gives my hair a healthier appearance and keeps it smooth and shiny J


Event Planner

The Avocado oil from Choice of Nature is amazing!! My hair has been looking amazing since I’ve been using it. It has reduce the frizz for my very curly hair and it has been growing much faster.


Stage Manager

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Food bloggers may not be "editors at Vogue," and not all of them are "experts," as Martha Stewart once reminded us before admitting the hypocritical error of her ways (she features a whole network of bloggers on her site). No, food bloggers occupy a different space and serve a different purpose. They are responsive, interacting with their readers in a way many publications cannot. Some might be pretentious or twee, but others are charming and light-hearted. Above all else food bloggers are approachable. They make us feel like we can try the tricky recipes too, and if we fail, it's okay. As food writer Adam Roberts of the Amateur Gourmet sums it up, food blogs "run on intimacy." Every year Saveur magazine, one of the most respected publications in the food world, ranks the year's best food blogs. Readers and past winners nominate blogs, and Saveur editors decide the finalists. There are two winners for each category: a Reader's Choice award, composed of votes from online ballots, and an Editor's Choice award. Here are this year's winners: Best Cooking Blog Readers' Choice: Love and Lemons Editors' Choice: i am a food blog Finalists: Princess Tofu, Seven Spoons, The Year in Food, What's Cooking Good Looking Best Baking and Desserts Blog Readers' Choice: The Vanilla Bean Blog Editors' Choice: Top with Cinnamon Finalists: Breadtopia, My Name is Yeh, The Pastry Department, The Broken Bread Best Cocktail Blog Readers' Choice: Bit by a Fox Editors' Choice: Death to Sour Mix Finalists: Gastronomista, Loving Cup, Stir and Strain, The Straight Up Best Wine or Beer Blog Readers' Choice: The Thirsty Wench Editors' Choice: Brunellos Have More Fun Finalists: Brew Train, Guys Drinking Beer, Sob Stories, Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews Best Regional Cuisine Blog Readers' Choice: Rose Water & Orange Blossoms Editors' Choice: Indian Simmer Finalists: Acadiana Table, Bottom of the Pot, Aunt Clara's Kitchen, Jun-blog Best Culinary Travel Blog Readers' Choice: FEAST: An Edible Road Trip Editors' Choice: Eating Asia Finalists: Fed Man Walking, Luxeat, Parla Food, Will Travel for Food Best Family Cooking Blog Readers' Choice: Dinner: A Love Story Editors' Choice: In Praise of Leftovers Finalists: Chinese Grandma, Dash and Bella, Pure Ella, Some the Wiser Best Photography Readers' Choice: Local Milk Editors' Choice: Local Milk Finalists: Fat & Furious Burger, Herriott Grace, Hortus Cuisine, Lady and Pups, Nicky & Max Best Writing Readers' Choice: 5 Second Rule Editors' Choice: Pen and Palate Finalists: The Yellow House, Culinary Bro-Down, Food for the Thoughtless, Plated Stories Best Original Recipes Readers' Choice: My Darling Lemon Thyme Editors' Choice: Oh, Ladycakes Finalists: Dolly and Oatmeal, Flourishing Foodie, The Beeroness, Three Little Halves Best New Blog Readers' Choice: Broad Appetite Editors' Choice: Hortus Cuisine Finalists: Bottom of the Pot, My Blue and White Kitchen, Two Red Bowls Best Use of Video Readers' Choice: Poires au Chocolat Editors' Choice: The Perennial Plate Finalists: Food Curated, Glass Backwards, Life and Thyme, Muy Bueno Cookbook Best Special Diets Blog Readers' Choice: My New Roots Editors' Choice: The First Mess Finalists: Golubka Kitchen, Happyolks, Sassy Kitchen, Vegetarian Ventures

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Unwashed eggs can be collected and then left out on your kitchen counter at room temperature for several weeks, where they will still be perfectly edible, if not quite as fresh as when they were laid. In a perfect world, all of your chickens' eggs would be as clean as these I collected from the nesting boxes. There are some things you can do to ensure clean eggs, but since life happens no matter what you do, you will occasionally end up with dirty eggs - covered in mud or feces. You can gently scrub off the debris with a rough cloth or your fingernail, but extremely dirty eggs should be rinsed under warm running water and then refrigerated. Once an egg has been rinsed off and had the bloom removed, it does need refrigeration. Unwashed eggs benefit from being refrigerated as well. In the refrigerator, unwashed eggs will still last longer than washed eggs, and also longer than they would at room temperature. For more information on proper egg handling and storage, read HERE. Store bought eggs have been cleaned and the bloom has been removed, so always need refrigeration after you buy them. If you sell your eggs, you might want to read this - different states have different egg laws that govern whether eggs should be washed or not before selling them.