Our Mission in Syria – Choice Of Nature

Our newest line of soaps comes from the most ancient inhabited city in the world and brings with it the story of its people’s struggle and a tradition dating back to the times of Cleopatra.

The Aleppo Laurel Soap is considered the grandfather of all soaps and has its roots in the Levant region of which Aleppo is the main city. Soap makers have been crafting this soap for centuries with the ancient recipe of olive oil and Laurier. The soap is cold pressed and different from any other by its total preservation of the natural properties of the oils used in the composition of the soap.

Faced with constant violence and an uncertain future in their war-torn country, many Syrians have fled their land in search of a better life. Lebanon, its neighboring country, has taken in over 2 million refugees who have brought with them their traditions and skills.

The Knights of Malta, the world’s oldest charitable organization, has played a key role in connecting refugees with companies who can benefit from their skillset and work ethic. This is how Choice of Nature became involved with a group of soap-crafting Syrian refugees eager to continue their lifelong work and share their ancient heritage with the world.

All the profits from out Choice of Nature Laurel Soap go to the refugees who in turn are able to hire more of their countrymen to work with them. It is our main believes that by empowering others, we empower the world. By being a light to others, we can bring light to ourselves. This soap will not only leave your skin feeling nourished and clean, but will help families get to their feet and live better lives.


When designing our packaging it was imperative for us to preserve the essence of Syria and to ensure it’s people’s struggle would not be forgotten. Taken this into account, we added the Syrian map as the background to all our soaps. Each product has a different color map with it’s individual ingredients blended into it. When you open your soap you can view the full map and see all the cities and main borders of this beautiful country.

It is a small gesture but for us it was vital to bring this country’s legacy and it’s historical importance into our brand.