Our Mission in Ghana – Choice Of Nature

For centuries shea butter has been called “women’s gold”, not only for its rich golden color but also because it provides employment and income to millions of women across the continent. Using traditional methods, women often organized in cooperatives, harvest karité fruits. They then crush the nuts inside to extract the precious butter, which is boiled, cleaned, packaged and sold at the local markets or exported. Shea butter is a non-toxic, versatile ingredient that can be used for cooking, cosmetics, and hair products alike. It’s main use, however, is for cosmetic purposes.

The UN Development Program (UNDP) estimates that an average of three million African women work directly or indirectly with shea butter. When you buy our Shea butter you are empowering women from the Northern Area of Ghana, Tamale, to live with dignity and comfort, allowing them to invest in their communities, families, and environment.

In our endeavor to provide the best possible personal care from both worlds, we have created the perfect balance of the unique combination of Pure Oils whipped into Shea Butter. This produces a high quality personal care

product well worth the patience, effort and cost.